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Review of 2006 Mazda MAZDA5

AOL user 2009-09-27 21:29:45

I absolutely love my Mazda 5. I had one of the first Mazda 5s in my community, and I received so many comments and compliments on its sporty appearance and very functional "personalities." It is a perfect size. You can easily transport five passengers or move a daughter to a college dorm (as I did--furniture, boxes, everything). It has been a very dependable vehicle, and the mileage on the road is exceptional. My Mazda 5 is wonderful, sporty, utilitarian, comfortable, fun to drive, just everything that a person would want in a vehicle. My daughters named it "Mom's Magic Mazda," and that pretty well summarizes it!

2006 Mazda MAZDA5


MaryJeanneB4 2009-03-04 09:11:58

I love my Mazda 5. Plenty of room with flexible seat foldovers for even more. Can fit four adults and 2 kids in the very back. Both side sliding doors move easily and smoothly which is a godsend to older passengers. I do ******* performed better in the snow and ice since I live in Central NY state...must use special tires. Still, it maneuvers like a charm in dry weather and that makes for easy traveling. I would buy another when the time comes.

2006 Mazda MAZDA5

First one in our town

2008-07-05 09:24:13

Its always fun to get the 'newest' car on the lot. We got ours and now they are everywhere. We love ours. Its roomy and performs great. I love the opitional manual/automatic. Its so cute and functional. And its like driving a smaller car with the way it handles. I recomend it to everyone I know who is looking to replace their minivan or SUV with something more fuel efficient.

2006 Mazda Mazda5

Review of 2006 Mazda Mazda5

2007-09-24 05:03:40

We love our Mazda5, we received a notice to check out car deals and we went and found her!! I told the salesman that I did not want a minivan or a huge suv...and he directed us to our new car...fell in love and brought her home.

2006 Mazda Mazda5

Mazda 5 - 2006

2007-08-26 01:07:12

We love our Mazda 5! We were just driving by a Mazda lot one day and thought what in the world is that? We test drove and feel in love. You have that roomy van "feeling" without the price tag or bad gas mileage. The third row is fantastic and our kids love it. We installed the cargo rack and went on a long trip and everything was secure and plenty of room inside for 3 kids, 3 adults! People comment they love it and what in the world is it; a van, an SUV? Well, it's a crossover - best of both worlds! The sliding doors are great for kids not banging into the car parked next to you and the 6 Cd changer is wonderful - people should test out this vechile.

2006 Mazda Mazda5

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