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redflag8 2009-05-25 19:46:51

I purchased a 2005 Buick Lesaber Limited edition In Springfield Oregon.It Litterly saved my life in 2007 when i became Ill On an extended Vacation. I had a life threatining illness that almost took my Life. I was diagnosed in missouri and the doctors told me to get back to Oregon to my own doctors asap. My wife hit the road just west of St Lewis mo and drove the first day 740 miles at 80 to 90 mph to North Plat Nebraskathen the Second day from North Plat to Boise Idaho doing 70 to 90 mph a distance of 970 miles in 15 hrs.the third day from boise To Eugene,Oregon in 6 hrs. All the while i rode reclined in the front passanger seat. I admit we drove the interstate hiways. Never got stopped and she still averaged 27.8 mpg on Regular unleaded Gasoline. If it werent for the soft Leather seats i would have had to fly home at 750.00 dollars.My wife said the only neffects that she had was a stiff neck.I could never made a t trip like that in a mid size car with firm seats the Buick is the best investment i have ever made. It's too bad that GM has Disconued the Lesaber line. I would buy another in a heart beat My health problem was an abcess in the spinal area that had been growing for two to three yrs and it took several months to find a surgeon who had the confidence to do it, and he had 33 yrs experiance . too Bad the Big 3 couldn't have that much confidence it their best cars. GM had the 57 chevrolet, a great car . then changed its body style. Ford had the 57 and early t-Birds and changed it . It literly killed it, Chrysler had the goat and cuda and they too changed it. Down the tube they went also The Big 3 doesn't seem to recognize a winner when they see one Now Chevrolet, ford and chrysler luxery cars all look alike when u see them on the road. too bad.

2005 Buick LeSabre

Buick leSable

JHYNEE 2008-12-06 16:17:21

This car is very under rated. It has a full size six(6) and still gets 30 mpg on the highway. This is a full size family car. General motors again mussed up when they stopped making this car but thats way they are in money trouble.

2005 Buick LeSabre

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