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4.5 out of 5

Love It

2009-04-19 10:01:39

I bought my o4 4 Runner new. Not one repair has been necessary in 70,000 miles. It is a V/8 and very snappy. We owned a Highlander. Not enough power.

2004 Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is the best vehicle I've driven in my 40 yrs of driving

2009-03-13 14:17:02

The 4Runner is a great vehicle. I get closer to 30 miles per gallon rather than 21 as described. Nothing ever breaks down or goes wrong. The 4 wheel drive is awesome, in low it automatically crawls up hills covered with snow, ice, mud. I live in a rural area with foothills, woods, lots of weather, fallen trees, washed out dirt roads...my 4Runner's never been stuck, takes steep descents perfectly. In hi 4wd it handles wet and snowy highways at high speed -you can feel the steady handling. Great gas mileage, totally fun to drive, comfortable, completely dependable - worth every cent. You'll never spend anything on repairs. Regular maintenance is necessary - oil, lubrication, filters, tire maintenance -and the 4Runner will last indefinitely.

2004 Toyota 4Runner

I love this truck....

2007-11-03 10:13:00

I bought this truck new in 04, and don't regret a penny of the price tag. My version is the Limited 4x4, with X-REAS suspension (the option below doesn't offer this choice). It's a great ride. Smooth, powerful for a V6, and very stable.

There are some things I think need changing, though...

The doors are dark. By this, I mean no illumination at all, the only exception is the little "auto" etched on the drivers window switch. Sit in most VW's at night and turn on the lights. Beautiful. Toyota needs to fix this. I'm tired of having passengers unlock, lock, unlock until finally I roll their window down. The switches aren't intuitive, either. When you push down on them, the window should go down. They don't seem right to the unfamiliar.

The window controls could also be tweaked. VW has this nice option of rolling all the windows up or down from outside with the key in the door. Try it, it's pretty cool, and very handy. If you forget to roll a window up, merely hold the key towards lock for three seconds, and the windows all roll up - even the sunroof will close. Toyota, please add this feature. It's a great one.

The drivers seat is 8 way adjustable, and very comfortable. The passenger seat, well, needs improving. The truly adjustable seats should be standard on both driver and passenger sides in all 4Runners. Anything else is just insulting. I can see why some people complain about the seating if they're on the not-so-adjustable seat.

The door needs a better located armrest. I've got a dent on the door panel because that's where the rest should be.

I've had zero maintenance problems with this truck. Absolutely nothing. The only thing that has gone wrong is a light in the dash blew.

I'm sure the newer trucks are performing just as well, and I highly recommend this one to anyone searching for a good, reliable ride. I used to live in Florida, and it performs well in the heat. I now live in North Dakota, and it performs equally well in the freezing cold.

2004 Toyota 4Runner

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