2001 Chevrolet Camaro Reviews

2001 Camaro New Car Test Drive


Corvette's kid brother. For 34 years, the Camaro has been known as the slightly more affordable, slightly more practical brother of Chevy's high-tech sports car and resident cultural icon. With marketing like, 'It's the next best thing to a 'Vette yet,' Camaro has always had a dual role: part junior 'Vette, part Mustang fighter. 

Camaro rides into 2001 in its most refined state to date. 

Despite ever-loudening whispers about its imminent demise, the Camaro Z28 SS remains a distinctive alternative in the sports/performance field. It is the American pony car. 


Coupe and convertible models are available in base and Z28 trim. 

An SS Performance/Appearance Package ($3950) is available for the Z28 models. SS ups the horsepower ante to 325; that gives an SS a 15-horsepower advantage over the Z28, thanks in part to forced air induction and wide-mouth, low restriction dual-outlet exhaust. A cooler is added to the power steering pump, and an SS-only rear spoiler adorns the back deck. Big 17-inch aluminum wheels shod with speed-rated Goodyear Eagle F1 tires are mounted on the corners. They complement a High-Performance Ride and Handling Package that further stiffens the Z28 suspension with beefier shocks, spring rates and chassis componentry. 

A Sport Appearance Package is offered for base ($1755) or Z28 ($1348) models. Body modifications in this option group include unique front and rear fasciae as well as a rear spoiler extension. Completing the package is a set of 16-inch aluminum alloys with touring tires (standard on Z28s). 

Like the Corvette, Camaro development over the years has been more evolutionary than revolutionary. Many years of minor modifications pass between introductions of new generations. (Introduced in September 1966, the Camaro is in the ninth year of its fourth generation.) The last truly new Camaro appeared in 1993. 

Refinements to Camaro for 2001 are few and cosmetic: one color has been added to the charts (Sunset Orange Metallic) and there is a new style for the optional, chromed aluminum 16-inch alloy wheels. 

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