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Spy Shots
2019 Toyota Supra interior, engine spied mostly uncovered

Though still BMW Z4-based, the Supra's interior is unique

Though still BMW Z4-based, the Supra's interior is unique.

Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 development teams cut ties way back in 2014

The teams reportedly went separate ways after agreeing on basics

Toyota Supra assistant chief engineer says the teams haven't spoken with each other in four years.

2019 BMW Z4 30i and 2020 M40i officially unveiled in production trim

Expect four-cylinder models to hit dealerships next March

Expect four-cylinder models to hit dealerships next March.

BMW Z4 M40i Roadster First Edition says hello at Pebble Beach

Wedgey, muscled droptop arrives 30 years after the BMW Z1

Wedgey, muscled droptop arrives 30 years after the BMW Z1.

Spy Shots
2019 BMW Z4 revealed in leaked photos

It looks like the concept

It looks like the concept.

Spy Shots
2019 BMW Z4 roadster patent images leaked

Renderings show the new Z4 undisguised

Here's what the 2019 BMW Z4 will look like, seen through a patent office's eyes.

First Drive
2020 BMW Z4 Prototype First Drive | Roadster fans, rejoice

Behind the wheel of BMW’s ragtop Hail Mary effort

Behind the wheel of BMW's ragtop Hail Mary effort

Spy Shots
2019 BMW Z4 spied with the top down and interior mostly uncovered

Get a look inside the Z4

The weather must be getting nice in Germany, because BMW is testing Z4 prototypes at the Nürburgring with the top down. And we're not sure if it's the nice weather or something else, but BMW has also become more lax with interior camouflage. This particular prototype hardly had anything covered, allowing us to see the production-ready interior.

Spy Shots
Toyota Supra's instrument cluster partially revealed in spy shots

We get a peak at the Supra's gauges

Although we've seen most of the production Toyota Supra, albeit in race car form, we still haven't seen the final interior. And most of the time, the prototype test drivers keep the interior well-covered. This new batch of spy shots help give us a more complete picture of the interior, giving us a look at the instrument panel.

How the Toyota Supra embraces and rejects its performance heritage

Toyota once again attempts to build a fun car.

"As we started, we made sure to listen to the Supra fan base in the U.S."

Toyota Supra gets turbocharged inline-six, no manual transmission

Look for a low center-of-gravity and a 50:50 weight distribution.

The car will share much with the new BMW Z4.

Toyota Supra to be little more than a rebodied BMW Z4?

A Bimmerpost user claims the coming Toyota Supra will be a Toyota in name and design only, using BMW interior parts, trim materials, and colors.

Spy Shots
2019 BMW Z4 shows off production grille and lights

It sort of looks like a baby 8 Series.

It also looks like the concept Z4, of course.

Spy Shots
2019 BMW Z4: Two inline-6 engine outputs being tested

Could be due to emissions regulations, but one would be 385 hp, the other 335.

BMW Concept Z4 convertible | Bavarian beauty debuts at Pebble Beach

Photos from the reveal during Monterey Car Week preview the next-generation Z4 currently being tested.

The production car will share a platform with the Toyota Supra.

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