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This is the Genesis I've been waiting for

The luxury car reborn.

Hyundai plans to deliver just as much luxury experience with its new Genesis brand as it does high-end automobile. The market is primed for its concierge luxury and classic refinement.

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Go big... or go small

Average vehicle size is making another abrupt rise.

As consumers flock back towards bigger vehicles, what does it mean for the future of small cars?

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Does Hyundai's Santa Cruz truck really stand a chance?

There are many obstacles on the way to market.

Hyundai has teased the world with the Santa Cruz crossover truck concept, but could it really compete with the proven utility of the Honda Ridgeline and is there even a market for frugal short-bed alternatives in a world of sub-$2.00 gas?

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AI will design your self-driving car while you test it in VR

The next frontier in auto design.

Looking towards the future of auto design takes us down a path of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printers, and endless imagination.

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Sound in automobiles is better than ever

Branded sound systems are a popular option.

Branded car audio systems are very popular, but expensive options. What are you actually paying for when you agree to the upgraded sound?