Having been sold in US showrooms under the umbrella of parent company Hyundai, with the 2017 model year Genesis becomes a stand-alone franchise pursuing both near-luxury and luxury clientele. It starts with an existing model – the GENESIS G80 – brought from the Hyundai showroom, and doubles-up with the all-new G90, which replaces the existing Hyundai Equus. A smaller 3 and 5 Series competitor called the G70 is already announced, but not yet in showrooms. What's missing? Any sort of crossover.

GENESIS G80: What is currently the division's entry-level sedan adds Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to both the 3.8 Base and Premium trim levels. Also, standardized convenience and luxury features are added to the mix, as is an abundance of safety technology. Finally, the G80 will be available in a new Patagonia Blue.

G90: The Genesis G90 is an all-new luxury sedan, replacing Hyundai's Equus in the Hyundai/Genesis model mix. Designed to compete with BMW's 7 Series and Mercedes S Class, the G90 combines high levels of luxury, high performance via a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6, and a significant number of active safety features. At the Genesis launch the G90 sits ready to define the brand.

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