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Nissan 400Z leaked images reveal the production sports car

It remains remarkably faithful to the concept

Nissan 400Z prodcution leak01
  • Nissan 400Z prodcution leak01
  • Nissan 400Z prodcution leak01
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Production images of the upcoming Nissan Z have leaked, photographed at what appears to be a cargo staging area. The tentatively named 400Z shows a few differences from the Z Proto that we've seen, and two new colors are spotted.

According to 400ZClub, the location appears to be at Nissan's Tochigi factory. One set of images shows the car finished in a dark gray metallic color that recalls the 350Z and 370Z. Another is a classic silver that has been a staple of Z-cars since the Datsun 240Z.

One of the biggest differences between it and the Z Proto is the grille. In the concept, the upper grille was finished in black, making the front opening look a lot larger than it was. On this production version, the grille is finished in chrome, greatly reducing the "gaping maw" look. On the gray car, the roof matches the rest of the body, while on the silver car the roof is finished in black like on the concept.

The rear remains remarkably faithful to the Z Proto, with taillights inspired by the 1990-96 300ZX making the transition to production unscathed. The concept's dual exhaust tips can be seen peeking from the rear diffuser. On both cars, the presence of a small rear spoiler contrasts with the concept's smooth decklid.

Also absent is any rear badging. All emblems are covered with tape, so we don't know if the rear badge will be backlit like on the concept. C-pillar badges are taped up as well, but presumably they will depict the classic "Z" logo. As we saw on patent renderings, larger door handles and side marker lights interrupt the smooth flanks of the Z Proto, but that was unavoidable for a production car.

We get a look at the cabin of the gray car, and it hews closely to that of the Z Proto. The stitching is a bit more subdued, but the modernized dash and console of the concept have made it to production. Interestingly, the car is a left-hand-drive example, meaning this is likely a North American spec car. Tragically, it's an automatic, but Nissan has reassured us that a manual transmission will be offered.

We have no shots from under the hood, but if the Infiniti Red Sport's 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6 follows the rest of the car's loyal evolution to production vehicle, that should be a rollicking good time.

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