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UPDATE: Porsche could raise its stake in Rimac, and Rimac weighs in

UPDATE: Porsche could raise its stake in Rimac, and Rimac weighs in

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this Reuters story said Porsche could raise its stake in Rimac to nearly 50%, but Rimac reached out to Autoblog to say that's not so. Here is a statement from Mate Rimac:

"We have a very strong partnership with Porsche that is key for Rimac Automobili. Porsche is a shareholder in Rimac since 2018 with 15.5% ownership currently, accumulated over several rounds of investment. While it is true that we are discussing further expansion of this collaboration that will lead to increase of Porsche's stake in Rimac Automobili, some media have mistakenly reported that Porsche would take over 50% or nearly 50% of the company.


We are very happy that the partnership with Porsche will strengthen even further, but it is in the interest of both Rimac and Porsche that Rimac is a fully independent company. We are working with many car companies that are not our shareholders and there is a clear separation between shareholding and projects. It is very important to us that our industry customers have the peace of mind that Rimac is independent and that there is an "Information Firewall" between projects and shareholders (not only Porsche, but also Hyundai and others) - and this will not change. Confidentiality is very valued in the industry and one of the basics for collaboration between companies. Our shareholders are happy with such an arrangement and expect the same level of professional behaviour and confidentiality for their projects and customer projects.


So, the point is: Porsche's stake will increase but nowhere near to 50% and Rimac will remain independent with many industry customers that are not our shareholders/investors."

The original story, with the 50% reference removed, appears below.


FRANKFURT — Volkswagen unit Porsche is participating in a financing round of Rimac Automobili that will see the electric supercar maker raise 130 million-150 million euros ($157 million-$181 million), its owner Mate Rimac told weekly Automobilwoche.

The fundraising should be completed in two to three months and another round is planned at the end of the year, Rimac told the trade journal.

Porsche owns a 15.5% stake in Rimac Automobili and could raise its stake in a deal that would also include the transfer of Volkswagen's supercar brand Bugatti to Rimac, Automobilwoche said.

Volkswagen and Rimac were not immediately available for comment on Sunday.

Porsche Chief Executive Oliver Blume said earlier this month that intense discussions on Bugatti's future were ongoing and that Rimac could play a role as the brands were a good technological fit, adding that a decision was expected in the first half of 2021.

Rimac has developed an electric supercar platform, which it supplies to other carmakers, including Automobili Pininfarina.

"Supercars have a limited market, the market for components is much bigger. That is why we are planning to expand our company," Rimac told Automobilwoche.

That includes plans to more than double Rimac Automobili's workforce by early 2023 to 2,500 from 1,000 currently, he said.

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