Great news! Dacia introduces the go-anywhere Bigster concept

Forget the revolution; this is the Renaulution

1-2021 - Dacia Bigster Concept
1-2021 - Dacia Bigster Concept
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It's 2021. Say goodbye to bigly and hello to Bigster — the Dacia Bigster, that is. Yeah, we got the joke out of the way in the headline, but increasingly obscure references aside, the latest from Renault's subsidiary is more exciting than it sounds. 

For starters, just look at it. This is a car-based, C-segment (compact, in non-European terms) SUV concept that doesn't offend the eyes, which alone is a win. In fact, with its squared-off, punched-out fenders and chiseled profile, we can't help but think this would make for an excellent Xterra revival. Just scrunch those grille lights together a liiiiiiiiiitle bit more ...

"[The] Dacia Bigster Concept epitomizes the evolution of the brand. Essential, with a touch of coolness and an outdoor spirit. It proves that accessible is not opposed by any meanings to attractiveness. In Dacia we believe so, and this car is the proof," said Dacia Design Director Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos in the concept's announcement.

This is a theme Dacia reiterates throughout it description of the concept. This is just one tiny piece of the larger Renault master plan, which the company has dubbed "The Renaulution." In it, Renault says, "Dacia stays Dacia, as affordable as ever, with a touch of coolness." We'd call this more than a touch of coolness, frankly. 

"Proportions of the Dacia Bigster Concept are contemporary yet timeless. They send a clear message of robustness. Its lines are simple and reassuring. There's no pretense here; what you see is what you get," Dacia said. 

That's an understatement, if you ask us. Realistically, this concept will probably get watered down somewhat before production, but if it retains even the basics of its quirky, attractive design, it looks like a winner.

Dacia hasn't said yet what will power the Bigster, only suggesting that both hybrid-electric and other "alternative" propulsion methods are on the table. Whatever that may be, it and the rest of the Bigster's underpinnings will also feature in the Lada lineup, thanks to Renault's decision to consolidate the two into a single business unit operating off of just one platform: this one. 

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