Why did the sea lion cross the road?

This big guy looks like he can do anything he wants

Every fall and winter in Washington state, as the rains come and the rivers rise, there's a traditional photo op that Northwesterners know well β€” of salmon swimming across standing water on highways. This time, they might have been fleeing a hungry sea lion.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Chelsea Hodgson shared these WSP photos of this big fella crossing a highway near Grays River, Wash., on Wednesday. The highway runs alongside the Grays River. The river empties into the mouth of the Columbia, where hungry sea lions are a problem for the salmon fishery. Also, it so happens the sea lion wasn't far from Seal Slough. 

It's a good reminder for drivers to be on the lookout for slow-moving vehicles, pedestrians, or pinnipeds, particularly on dark winter days. A big male sea lion can weigh well over 700 pounds.

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