Pilots in L.A. reportedly saw a man with a jetpack near flight paths

Two different pilots on different planes from different airlines reported it

Yes, you read that right. Apparently a man on a jetpack (not the one featured in the video above) was spotted flying around the LAX airport in Los Angeles. Fox 11 in Los Angeles reported on the story, in which not one, but two different pilots on two different planes operated by two different airlines saw the mystery man.

The news organization featured air traffic control recordings from both pilots. The sightings occurred on a clear day in the late afternoon. And with both reports coming separately, it seems likely that there was someone, or something looking like a man with a jetpack up in the air. The pilots said they spotted the person at close to their altitude, which was apparently about 3,000 feet at the time. That's also an achievable altitude, since a People article covered a man with a jetpack who reached an altitude of nearly 6,000 feet in Dubai. You can see that flight in the video at the top of the article.

Of course the man in Dubai did his flight as part of a big event and his flight plan was carefully sorted out. This man in L.A. did something quite dangerous, both for him and the people around him. He could have been struck by a plane or sucked into an engine, seriously injuring or killing himself, and the resulting damage could have put the plane and all its passengers in danger. We've all heard stories about bird strikes, and drones have already been prohibited from operating near airports.

Fox 11 also notes that the LAPD is asking that anyone with information regarding the jetpack man to please reach out to them.

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