Watch robot dogs at work in Ford factory

It's pretty safe to say we've entered the Twilight Zone

Transcript: Ford Motor Company has two new additions for a manufacturing plant in Michigan. Fluffy and Spot are robots from Boston Dynamics that are dog-like in their movements. Designed for sensing and inspecting, they can be remote-operated. Ford will be using these four-legged bots at its Van Dyke, Michigan, transmission plant. Fluffy and Spot will scan the plant, documenting it and helping assess needs for future retooling, builds and upgrades. Ford will begin using Fluffy and Spot in early August 2020. 

While Fluffy and Spot are larger than life bots designed to help larger companies with their tasks, this Anki Cozmo could be a joyful addition to your home. It's much smaller than the Boston Dynamic bots, but has double the personality.

Anki Cozmo - $399 at

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