Dodge supercharges the national anthem with 8,950 horsepower

Teases upcoming SRT lineup ahead of July 2 reveal

With a video titled "Let Freedom Rev," Dodge teases its upcoming lineup for the 2021 model year, all of which will be fully revealed on July 2. We'll have all the details for you on that day, but there's some interesting news to glean from an accompanying statement from Tim Kuniskis, who serves as the head of Dodge and SRT.

“The sound of a screaming supercharged HEMI is so distinctive that this teaser video doesn’t need a single image ... if you know, you know. Tune in July 2 to celebrate with Dodge the pursuit of life, liberty and 8,950 horsepower.”

Reading between the lines, it seems that Kuniskis is saying the total horsepower figure for the entire 2021 Dodge lineup will equal 8,950 ponies. Draw your own conclusions, but that cryptic statement's focus on power ought to be enough to get enthusiasts excited for more.

The video may be short on moving pictures, but its soundtrack is the star. The "Star-Spangled Banner," that is. This particular rendition of the U.S. national anthem was produced using sounds of Dodge's high-performance lineup, complete with engine revs, upshifts, downshifts and plenty of supercharger whine. Check it out above, and stay tuned for more.

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