900-hp Yugo GV with a Cadillac V8 over each axle listed for sale

It has about 1,000 cubic inches of displacement

900-hp Yugo GV
900-hp Yugo GV
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Normally, the thought of spending more than $25,000 on a Yugo GV flies right into the teeth of logic. It was cheap when it was new, it's even cheaper in 2020, and it's not particularly sought-after. And yet, there's a 1986 model priced at $25,500 that's looking for a new home in Indiana, and we think it may be a decent deal.

Sitting on a set of chromed alloy wheels that started life under a Chevrolet Corvette, this GV looks like Yugoslavia's interpretation of BMW's famous clown shoe thanks to a front end that has been extended by several inches. It's much wider than stock, too, and the extra sheet metal hides a 500-cubic-inch (8.2-liter) V8 stamped with a Cadillac parts number. Walk around to the back, pop open the hatch, and you'll find a second 500-cubic-inch V8. The end result is a 16.4-liter, 900-horsepower, all-wheel-drive econobox that weighs about 4,200 pounds.

In comparison, the 1986 Yugo GV shipped with a 1.1-liter four-cylinder engine that sent 55 horsepower and 52 pound-feet of torque to the front wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. It cost $3,990, a figure which represents about $9,300 in 2020 and earned it the distinction of being the cheapest car sold new in America.

Multiplying the GV's power output by about 16 required a colossal amount of fabrication work. In addition to the aforementioned body modifications, the Yugo received a custom-designed suspension, upgraded brakes on all four corners, and a new interior. There's a roll cage, too, and video footage of the car in action confirm it's not there for show. It runs, it drives, and it's been autocrossed on at least a few occasions; it sounds like a pair of angry Eldorados having a shouting match. It has a rear license plate so it's presumably street-legal, too.

The seller listed this one-of-a-kind Yugo for $25,500 on Facebook Marketplace. That's a lot to pay for any car, let alone a 34-year old Yugo, but face it: You're never going to find another one quite like it.

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