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10 perfect gifts Dad will love this Father's Day

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Want to turn your tent into a living room? Need the ideal BBQ tools? Ready to mix the perfect cocktail? How about a rangefinder to help you line up a tee shots? If any of these scenarios describe your father, keep scrolling. 

Make sure to treat Dad well this year. With June 21 approaching quickly, we've assembled 10 perfect gifts for the man that gave you life. Plus, use code GIFTFORDAD15 for an extra 15% off at checkout on any of these items. 

CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car, on sale for $254.99 with code

The unique pop-up cabin augments your camping experience while utilizing your car's hatch for added space. No longer will your tent just be for sleeping thanks to this roomy structure. Designed for cars or SUVs with a tailgate that swings up, this easy-to-assemble pop-up cabin offers 6½ feet of standing room. Its adaptive seal means it will fit most cars with diagonal ceiling tension lines that are durable and allow you to hang ceiling accessories. Waterproof and lined with a UV protective coating, the anchor strap and guy rope mean it can withstand strong winds. That means, with CARSULE, you can camp in virtually any weather condition and remain safe. Plus, its thick felt carpet provides comfort after you spend the day hiking or swimming. There's a reason for CARSULE's successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $17,000. 

Snapback Glove, on sale for $23.80 with code

With sheltering-at-home restrictions easing up, we're going out more often despite viruses still being a concern. This sturdy Snapback Glove protects you from directly touching door handles, store shelves, gas pump handles, elevator buttons, and any other surface you want to avoid. Constructed of anti-viral, anti-microbial fibers, this handy glove anchors to your belt (or belt loop). The eco-friendly SilverFlex fibers prevent virus or microbe accumulation. Your father can now leave home with peace of mind. 

Sinji Flexible Borescope Camera for Android & iOS, on sale for $25.46 with code

Keys fall somewhere in the back? Wondering what's underneath the driver's side seat? Has your trunk been off-limits for too long? This flexible inspection camera records in HD and sends photos or videos directly to your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi. This unique waterproof camera is equipped with a two-meter micro USB to USB cable, 8mm camera lens, and six adjustable LED lights. Even better, the hook and magnet help you retrieve hard-to-reach objects after inspection and a 70˚ viewing angle offers a wide-range perspective. Made from ABS, glass, PVC, and copper, this sturdy borescope camera will become a friend for life. 

Connect-it BBQ Tool Set, on sale for $33.99 with code

It's time to fire up the grill again. This BBQ tool set serves four functions: use it as a spatula or fork, tongs, server, or for storage. You can easily separate the pieces for individual use or snap them back together to pick up meat or vegetables straight from the grill. This tool will fit into any BBQ enthusiast's tool kit. Made from high-quality stainless steel. (Warning: The fork tips are sharp and the magnets are strong. You'll want to keep them away from any object sensitive to a magnetic field.)

Autowit 12V Portable No-Battery Car Jump Starter, on sale for $103.99 with code

Your father will never have to wait for a jump again. This supercapacitor-based jump starter uses weak battery power to recharge the unit itself — no batteries needed! With 60 times more power density than ordinary batteries, you'll recharge in no time while avoiding sparks or explosions. You can even store the jump starter for years and it will only take a few minutes to be instantly charged. Plus, weather is of no concern: It resists heats of up to 158 degrees and cold to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. With a 20-year shelf life, it will likely last longer than your current car. 

Rollova 2.0 Digital Ruler, on sale for $65.44 with code

Get rid of your tape measure forever. This digital ruler measures a variety of surfaces with ease, including curves and lines in a variety of measurement systems. The 10000:1 high-contrast ratio OLED screen is easy to see, and the stainless steel body is rugged and durable. Compact and lightweight, carry it with you any time a measurement is needed —up to 83 feet when in inches mode and 10 meters in metric mode. It even measures fractions with stunning accuracy. Rollova was successfully funded on Kickstarter with over $105,000. 

Vortix Melo Massager + 6 Interchangeable Heads, on sale for $84.99 with code

Treat your father right this year with a massager he can use every day. The Vortix Melo Massager increases lymphatic flow and reduces lactic acid, reducing muscle fatigue, soreness, stiffness, and spasms. And it feels amazing. Six intensity levels and six head attachments provide enough variability for everyone to love the sensations. Whether you want to break up scar tissue, massage out trigger points, or just feel better after a long day, this massager is made for you — or your dad. 

DudeRobe: Luxury Men's Hooded Bathrobe, on sale for $65.44 with code

Give your father the most comfortable gift imaginable this year. This luxurious DudeRobe features a hoodie and permanently attached Never-Lost-Belt. The 100% cotton exterior is a premium sweatshirt while the 100% French terry interior makes for the softest robe imaginable. An extra pocket makes sliding your phone inside easy. Complete with drawstring and an above-the-knee design, this is the ultimate sheltering-at-home wardrobe. The DudeRobe has been featured on Kickstarter and ABC's "Shark Tank." 

GoGolf GPS Accurate Rangefinder, on sale for $76.49 with code

The sign says 150 yards to the green, but how accurate is it? GoGolf GPS lets you ignore the signs and dial in your game to the inch. You can also measure your drives, wedges, and every club between. Sync it with your smartphone via Bluetooth for the most precise readings imaginable. Then clip the rangefinder to your cap or belt. After your drive, press a button to hear the exact distance to the center of the green. Say goodbye to guessing and watch your handicap drop. 

11-Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Bar Tool Set, on sale for $33.99 with code

Make Dad a drink on his day. This 11-piece cocktail set appeals to every dad's inner bartender. An eco-friendly bamboo stand holds the professional stainless steel tools. The set includes an ounce cup, crushed ice hammer, two ice clips, an ice filter, a cocktail shaker, four wine mouths, and a bar spoon. Whether a martini or Old Fashioned is on the menu, raise your glass to Dad this June. 

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