Tesla unleashes Model 3 Track Mode V2 update, even Track Package parts

OTA software update and performance parts make better track days

Tesla just dropped two performance-minded upgrades for the Model 3 Performance with the Performance Upgrade, one of them a software update, the other actual bolt-on performance parts. Owners will shortly have Track Mode V2 uploaded over-the-air to their cars. The original Track Mode rolled out in 2018, and this update adds a bunch of features to enhance a day at the track and how much can be learned from that day afterward. Included among the new suite are satellite maps, a G-force meter, an accelerometer, real-time telemetry, and the ability to choose a start/finish line at a circuit so that a lap timer can log each circuit.   

Software in the first Track Mode automatically enhanced power delivery to the two motors to increase dynamic performance. Track Mode V2 allows the driver to decide the power split between the motors via sliders, as well as the amount of brake regen and how aggressive the stability control gets. As demonstrated by YouTubers that Tesla invited to sample the new programming, long, lusty drifts won't be a problem. There's more telemetry data, such as real-time information on the state of the two motors and battery, the brakes, and tire temperatures, and a video recorder will save runs to a USB for later study. Once a driver has the Model 3 dialed in at a track, they can save the custom settings in one of the 20 preset slots for push-button car setup next time they visit a venue.

For the Model 3 Performance, Tesla's introduced the Track Package that leaked last year in the Tesla parts catalog. This gathers actual hardware that the automaker says will "Optimize the track performance of your Performance Upgrade Model 3. Track Package is a complete hardware package designed to give you maximum cornering force, braking performance and high-speed stability for the best lap times." The full list of kit is:

  • 4 x 20″ X 9″ Zero-G Performance wheels
  • 4 x Tesla logo center caps
  • 20 x lug nut covers
  • 4 x 245/35 ZR 20 XL Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires
  • 4 x tire pressure sensors
  • 1 x front and rear high-performance brake pads
  • 1 x track-focused brake fluid

The Model 3 Performance already comes with 20-inch wheels, but they wear Pilot Sport 4S tires. The grippier Sport Cup 2s will boost traction at the cost of driving range and tire life. The package can be ordered now on the Tesla website and is expected to ship in April. That's right — ship. Tesla will send the components to a certified retailer, where a tech handles the installation. The Track Package costs $5,500, which includes the install.

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