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Defendant in Tesla sabotage lawsuit seeks whistleblower status

Martin Tripp says he grew alarmed by what he saw at Tesla's Gigafactory

Defendant in Tesla lawsuit says he's a whistleblower.

Tesla Model 3: These 5 fun features help make this electric car unique

It's full of tech, and also an irreverent sense of fun

You've read the review (or maybe you haven't), and you've learned how the Tesla Model 3 is a bit of an odd duck. As we spent a couple days with the EV, we came to learn a few of its quirks. Here are five nifty features that — in addition to the electric powertrain, unique styling and loads of tech — really make the car unique.

Deep Dive
Tesla Model 3 Autopilot: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Real problems obscure some of the promise of a compelling system

Autopilot is essentially the combination of two driver assist systems. The first Tesla calls "Traffic-Aware Cruise Control," which is mostly indistinguishable from other adaptive cruise control systems. The second is Autosteer. The hardware is robust: forward radar, eight cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors can detect vehicles all around it. It can see cars the driver can't, including, at times, two vehicles ahead.

First Drive
Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review | The very sharp tip of the EV spear

The everyman’s voltaic slingshot is also a rolling critique of Musk's vision

When the Tesla Model 3 appeared in production form last summer, the hype was already at a fever pitch after months — years, even — of anticipation. With hundreds of thousands of reservations already on the books, it appeared this could be the car that transforms Tesla from a startup to a true competitor. Then, crickets, for most customers anyway. Production delays have left customers frustrated and analysts speculative about the company's future. With that in mind, we found an owner

Watch Tesla Model 3 explored in close detail

Every detail gets scrutinized in this video.

Packed with information, the video is over an hour long.

Tesla Model 3 currently has no FM radio and no bluetooth streaming

And you use the touchscreen for everything — even the windshield wipers

You also have to use the touchscreen to adjust your windshield wipers.

5 Of The Most Far-out Elon Musk Quotes | Autoblog

Elon Musk is known for his bizarre and wild ideas. Here are his top far-out ideas.

Tesla Model 3 is Here | Autoblog Minute

Tesla Model 3s have arrived. Starting at 35k, making it Tesla's most affordable model. There are alot of options that can get consumers up there in price.

Watch Tesla Model 3 delivery party livestream

We're staying up past our bedtime for this one.

Get a closer look at the Tesla Model 3 as it drives away

We're still left with so many unanswered questions.

In this video, Doug Field, Tesla Senior Vice President of Engineering, does his very best not to answer any questions from the man holding the camera. Still, there are a few things worth noting.

Tesla will open '2 or 3' more Gigafactories in US

He dangles a lure before the nation's governors.

Elon Musk dangles the idea in front of the nation's governors.

The Tesla Model 3 revealed in final prototype form in Musk tweet

This is a relatively finalized version of the upcoming car.

Tesla Model 3 design goes 'pencils down' in six weeks

Production delays in past include earthquakes, tsunamis, and a shootout at the Mexican border.

The Tesla Model 3 unveiled on July 31st will not be the same design that is delivered to customers. It will be pretty close, but the final form is still six weeks away.

Musk: 'almost everyone will be able to afford' the next Tesla

Who knows when the car after the Model 3 might arrive, though.

At an event in Norway, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that a Tesla electric car that "everyone will be able to afford" is on the way.

Tesla Model 3 spotted in the wild

Captured on video in Los Angeles, this is our first glimpse at the new, more accessible Tesla Model 3 rolling around on public streets.

Autoblog Minute
Tesla Model 3 versus Chevy Bolt | Autoblog Minute

A 30-second comparison of the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt. Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.

Tesla Model 3 versus Chevy Bolt | Autoblog Minute

A 30 second comparison between the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt.

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