Sega's 'Hummer Extreme Edition' may be the most 2000s arcade racing game ever

With the Hummer itself facing a revival, this does look fun

Sega Hummer Extreme Edition
  • Sega Hummer Extreme Edition
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  • Sega Hummer Extreme Edition
  • Sega Hummer

There's a reason GM is leaning on the Hummer name for its upcoming electric truck, and it's because it has amazing name recognition. No matter who you are, you know the name, and there's probably a lot of imagery you associate with it, both good and bad: big, brash, capable, in-your-face. Of course a lot of this was in vogue in the 2000s, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise that there was an entire arcade game based on the brand called "Hummer" and "Hummer Extreme Edition" by Sega. Though, ironically, it launched in 2009, just as Hummer was near its death.

And, man, this game sure exemplifies the brand. There were a number of different form factors for the game, all of which involved a car seat, wheel and pedals, and they all had bright yellow paint and some representation of the brand's most polarizing model, the H2, sitting over the screen or behind the seat. Some flyers indicate that some machines could be had in less garish black, green or red colors, but we doubt they were as popular.

Watching actual gameplay, captured by YouTube user iPlaySEGA, "Hummer Extreme Edition" appears to stay true to the brand identity with the SUVs smashing through big outdoor race courses. There's a big emphasis on the smashing part, as that, along with jumps and stunts rewards the driver with extra boost to get ahead of the competition. Players have a choice among the H1, H2 and H3, and each one has modified variants with either meaty tires and brush guards, or slammed on giant wheels with neon and sound systems. According to a description from arcade machine vendor Primetime Amusements, the machine featured four tracks, the ability to link up to four machines for multiplayer, a force-feedback steering wheel and a 32-inch LCD display.

Since the game was launched in 2009, it may be difficult to find an example at a local arcade, but it seems like one worth keeping an eye out for. It is possible to purchase one used from various online arcade retailers. A British retailer called Liberty Games is offering a two-person setup for the not unsubstantial price of 9,999 pounds, which comes to just over $13,000. We'd recommend looking for an arcade with one, or, at that price, actually buying a real Hummer H2.

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