Nissan's baby lullaby album combines gas and electric noises

It's called the Dream Drive

Nissan LEAF Dream Drive rocks your baby to sleep
Nissan LEAF Dream Drive rocks your baby to sleep
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In a time when Nissan has filed a civil suit against former chairman Carlos Ghosn, is suffering from a sales slump, and is losing millions of dollars, the company has dropped a surprise album. Unlike Elon Musk's song, which has EDM vibes, Nissan's aural soundtrack is of a more relaxed nature and is aimed at a much younger demographic. Nissan Leaf Dream Drive is a string of lullabies created with sounds from electric cars and internal combustion vehicles.

Parents know that a car ride is a great way to get kids to sleep. But that approach emits CO2, and therefore contributes to climate change. So, for parents who don't have a fully electric car like the Leaf, Nissan created an album that emulates the experience of riding in a car.

Nissan calls the act of using a car to lull kids to sleep "dream driving," thus the name of its album is Dream Drive. Nissan engineers worked with DJ, sound designer, and sleep coach Tom Middleton to create a new sound that mimics what is produced by a traditional gasoline-powered car. The album consists of five three-minute songs.

The album is available on pretty much every streaming platform, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Google Play, and more. The music is also available for download. Let's just hope the sleep-deprived driving parents don't succumb to the crafted calm.

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