Modellista and TRD teamed up to make a Prius with tail fins and neon

Called the Ambivalent RD

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A section of Toyota's display at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon is split into two parts: Modellista on one side and TRD on the other. Between these two sub-brands, riding the dividing line, is the Ambivalent RD Prius PHV Concept, which made its global debut at the show. This is no accident, it's a nod to the car's personality and name.

The Ambivalent RD, which is based on a Prius Prime (Prius PHV in other markets), represents the first time Modellista, a styling house that focuses on custom exterior accessories, and TRD, Toyota's in-house performance shop, have come together on a project. The Ambivalent RD has added style features from Modellista, as well as improved driving dynamics, thanks to TRD. We're guessing (repeat: guessing) it's called the Ambivalent because Toyota, or the car, or whoever was putting the car together couldn't pick just one, so it's both. 

There is very little information on the concept, but much of the body has been visually altered. Although the Prius maintains its chunky shape, it has completely redesigned front and rear fascias, and the blacked-out top gives it a different presence. The Ambivalent also has a full aerodynamic body kit with a front splitter (that can also shift down), side skirts, and a diffuser. Rear tail fins heavily pronounce the taillights, and a spine starts at the back of the roof and runs down the butt. For added effect, the Ambivalent comes to life with accent lighting on the front intake areas, near the wheel arches, and on the star-designed wheels. 

With no specs on the vehicle, it's hard to glean what TRD has done with it. It appears to be lowered, which means the suspension could have been toyed with. The new wheels also present the opportunity for a brake upgrade, as well. Beyond that, it's tough to say. 

Check out the wild-style design in the promotional video and show video below.

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