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This cleaning gel is the bestselling car detailing product on Amazon

Have you ever used a detailing tool that looks like Flubber?

Keeping your car interior clean is a constant challenge. Even the most diligent among us cut corners on your average car wash and interior scrub down. Sure, maybe you vacuumed the seats and picked up the receipts off the floor, but did you really do everything you could? One of the biggest steps that's easily missed during interior cleanings is dusting your dashboard and air vents. Those vents are blowing air directly into your face, shouldn't they be as clean as possible?

Luckily, there's a strange new detailing tool shooting up the Amazon ranks for precisely this purpose: Cleaning Gel. It's actually, exactly what it sounds like. The sticky, greenish goop can be used to clean just about any dusty surface in your car. Just take a handful of the Flubber-like substance, stick it on anything that looks like it could use a little less dust and dirt, then peel it off and watch the grime come with it. This putty is great for getting into small areas and corners that you might not be able to reach with more traditional tools. In addition to being a dust-grabbing powerhouse, it also has a clean lavender scent.

The product is currently sitting at a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with 176 ratings. Amazon user "Sabrina" had this to say: 

"Works pretty good and surprised it smells really nice so gives off a clean scent after rolling it around. Kids like using it while in back seat. Doesn't leave any oily stains."

If you're interested in trying out this squishy dust-removal tool, you can click here to check out the product on Amazon. It's available now for just $9.49.

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