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Buy this world-beating 2005 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 prototype

The C6 Z06 set a new benchmark for affordable, supercar-beating performance

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The C6-generation Chevrolet Corvette Z06 put GM back in the world-class performance market in a big way, and one lucky Corvette fan will own a piece of modern Chevrolet performance history when they shake hands over the prototype that started it all. 

This 2005 Z06 represents quite a bit for GM (and the aforementioned Corvette fans). It was the first C6 Z06 to roll off the line at Chevrolet's Bowling Green, Ky., facility; it lapped the Nürburgring Norschleife in the hands of Corvette Racing's Jan Magnussen in just 7 minutes, 42.99 seconds; it was proven capable of speeds over 200 mph on Germany's autobahn.

In short, it elevated the "Z06" nameplate from a niche GM enthusiast badge to mainstay competitor on the global stage. And you have the chance to buy it.

(Note: this listing erroneously refers to the Z06 prototype as the "Blue Devil," which was the project name for the supercharged ZR1 model that followed it.) 

Yes, you can buy this glorious, LS7-equipped, 505-horsepower pioneer. You can even display it in your living room, if that's your style. You can track it to your heart's content — provided you tow it there, because there's a catch. You can't register this prototype for street use.

That's because it doesn't have a production VIN. As a prototype, it received a preproduction development serial number. 

Still, it's a beautiful car to display, not to mention a fantastic conversation starter. And as we said above, you're welcome to take it to the track, where you can drive it the way a Z06 was meant to be driven. 

And if that's your plan, there's some good news: GM left the car's safety equipment and race seats installed, so you're only a set of fresh harnesses away from a track-ready icon. 

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