New Jaguar F-Type to launch — maybe literally — with Hot Wheels' help

What kind of a nutty stunt should we expect this time?

Jaguar F-Type Convertible 3
Jaguar F-Type Convertible 3 / Image Credit: CarPix
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An updated and redesigned Jaguar F-Type is going to be revealed Dec. 2, which is less than a week away at this point. The info comes to us via a tweet from Jaguar, teasing out the reveal with a video.

Update: For a split second, the new F-Type appears to be flashed up onto the screen. We screenshot the video and pasted the photo down below. The side profile is similar to the previous F-Type, which comes as no surprise to us after seeing the spy shots. We can see the red LED taillight and a hint of the headlight design from the photo, too.

The most intriguing part of this tweet is at the end, where Jaguar says it’s going to reveal the F-Type in partnership with Hot Wheels. Jaguar and Hot Wheels are not the most obvious of pairings at first, but both have a penchant for theatrics and stunts.

Jaguar launched the tiny E-Pace with a barrel roll, completing a 270-degree corkscrew jump and launching it through 50 feet of open air. Nobody was expecting that. We’re not sure what to expect from the F-Type launch event, but the teaser video shows a Hot Wheels track with a loop. Will Jaguar try and top themselves? We’re not sure, but it’s worth a watch on Dec. 2 to find out.

As for what the actual car will be like, we’ve seen several sets of spy shots (above). The most recent set places the Jaguar on the Nürburgring for track testing. Jaguar hasn’t messed with the F-Type’s design much since it launched earlier this decade, but that’s no complaint. Even today, the F-Type is one of the best looking sports cars on sale. And even though Ian Callum isn’t around anymore, we’re sure he had a hand in this redesign. Expect a new interior, updated powertrains and more performance from the F-Type in its updated form next week. 

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