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Electric car charging station numbers are rising; GM and EVgo to add 2,700 more

Charger network is key for apartment dwellers who can't charge at home

When the electric car revolution arrives, will there be enough places to plug in? There are now 26,000 electric vehicle charging stations open to the public in the U.S., with more than 84,000 plugs. Currently electric vehicles make up only about 1.3% of total new vehicle sales in the U.S., according to the Edmunds.com auto site.

Nissan offers Leaf buyers $250 EVgo charging credit

'Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo' replaces 'No Charge to Charge'

Electrify America and EVgo reach interoperability agreement

This follows a similar deal with Chargepoint, and a new 'Normal Now' campaign

EVgo is installing fast chargers at Chevron filling stations

The chargers offer about 90 miles of range in 30 minutes

The chargers offer about 90 miles of range in 30 minutes.

Google Maps adds EV charging station info

It will tell you where and what types of ports

It will tell you where and what types of ports.

EVgo strings fast-charging stations across Colorado

New Colorado Springs-area fast-chargers complete Rocky Mountain chain.

Colorado-based Vision Ridge Partners acquired EVgo from NRG earlier this year.

NRG sells EVgo network of fast-chargers to investment firm

EVgo charging network had been borne out of California's power crisis.

The EVgo charging network was sold by utility company NRG to Vision Ridge Partners.

ROEV lets you use multiple charging networks with one account

Blink, ChargePoint, and EVgo are partnering up with ROEV, a new association that will let you use charging stations on any network with just one card.

NRG eVgo ready for 'No Charge to Charge' in Atlanta

That loop of highways circumnavigating the city of Atlanta is about to get some fast chargers. And, for those driving newer Nissan Leaf electric vehicles, some free chargers as well, for the next couple of years. It's the new taste of southern hospitality.

Chicago's fast-charging network up and running under NRG eVgo

Chicago's long-delayed fast-charging network for plug-in vehicles is up and running after being taken over by the NRG Evgo program that's underway in Texas as well as the Pacific Northwest, Phoenix, Nashville and Washington, DC.

EZ-Charge program will get rolled out for all vehicles [UPDATE]

UPDATE: It appears that Chargepoint has pulled out of the program.

Thanks to a year of free charges, Nissan Leaf sees sales increase in Texas

Nissan is pretty certain that free charging offers in the two largest metropolitan areas in Texas are substantially boosting sales of the Leaf electric vehicle. Heck, one Houston car dealer says Leaf sales have tripled because of the plan, which is run by N

Nissan says don't mess with money to recharge Leaf EV in Texas

In the Lone Star State, the person who buys his or her Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicle next April 1 really is indeed the Fool. That's because the Japanese automaker and utility company NRG are offering a year's worth of free electric charging for folks who buy Leaf EVs in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas between October 1 of this year and March 31, 2014. April 1 buyers? You're out of lu

Is NRG ready to finally get DC fast chargers installed?

Those quick-charging electric-vehicle charging stations NRG Energy Inc. was supposed to deploy in California for the state's "Electric Expressway"? So far, there's been nothing quick about them. NRG agreed last year to start building the DC fast chargers along the state's highways as part of a $100 million settlement with the Californi

Nissan will triple number of DC fast chargers in US

As it has done in Europe, Nissan is forging ahead with putting in DC fast charging stations so people can get many miles into their Leaf electric vehicles in short order. At the Washington Auto Show today, Nissan announced it

California moves forward with big, $120m EV investment; New Jersey follows with smaller bill

Today, California announced a $120 million investment to install over 10,000 charging points throughout the state. The new "Electric Expressway" will be built up by NRG Energy Inc. and will include 200 public fast-charging stations and 10,000 "plug-in units" at 1,000 locations.

NRG Energy launches nation's 1st commercial-scale V2G project

The "cashback car" is one step closer to reality.

Texas gets its first public-use Level 3 charger

Utility company NRG Energy is joining forces with AeroVironment, General Electric and Siemens to expand its privately funded eVgo charging network across several major cities in Texas. The eVgo program, which NRG