Brabham BT62 adds a Competition spec variant to the mix

Production remains limited to 70 total vehicles

Brabham BT62 Competition
Brabham BT62 Competition / Image Credit: Brabham
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The Brabham BT62 supercar is now available to order in a new Competition spec, in addition to the “Ultimate Track Car” spec and the “Road Compliant” spec. Brabham is still limiting total production of the V8-powered supercar to only 70 units, but now you have options.

Most things about the Competition are the same. It’s powered by the same naturally aspirated 5.4-liter V8 that produces 700 horsepower and 494 pound-feet of torque. This is exclusively mated to a six-speed sequential transmission which sends power to the rear wheels. However, the “Competition” version of the BT62 is stripped back even further than the Ultimate Track Car spec, so maybe they have to change the name? We kid. But still, the Competition is even lighter than the others, as it foregoes exterior paint in favor of a wrap. All the interior trim has been removed, so it’s just bare carbon fiber wherever you look — as of now, there are no photos of the Competition interior, though. It’s also delivered without a passenger seat or maintenance kit. Unfortunately, Brabham has not yet detailed how much weight you save with the Competition. The Ultimate Track Car spec weighs 2,143 pounds.

Due to the de-contenting done here, Brabham actually prices the Competition lower than the other versions of the car. It can be yours for £750,000, or $965,396. That compares rather nicely to the $1.4 million Road Compliant spec. Brabham says that you’ll be able to upgrade from the Competition spec to the Ultimate Track Car or Road Compliant spec at any time of your ownership — just expect to pay for it. You can order a BT62 for track use here, and it can even be had in left-hand drive. However, the Road Compliant car is still not available for road use in the U.S. — it’s designed for European markets.

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