Damaged Amazon rainforest will soon be home to an electric rally race

Extreme E is heading to burned sections of the forest in Brazil

We have all most likely seen the news stories about the fires and devastation in the Amazon rainforest. It didn’t look good. That said, the latest coming from Brazil is more positive than what we were seeing a month ago. The news we’re concerned about today has to do with racing in the same forest. Extreme E, the newly announced electric rally series, just revealed that it’s going to hold a rally in a damaged section of the Amazon rainforest.

Specifically, the race will be held in the Brazilian state park of Pará. "Extreme E aims to use its position as a world-class, revolutionary sport as a tool to shine a spotlight on the problems facing our planet and its unique ecosystems — and there are few more relevant locations in that regard than the Amazon,” Extreme E CEO Alejandro Agag says.

Agog goes on to say that the area where the racing will be held was decimated by fire only a month ago. This location will be the second rally on the schedule for the 2021 series launch, with the first rally to be held in Greenland. The goal is to race in areas that have been or are currently being affected by climate change. Manufacturer support of the series is expected, but we don’t yet know who will be the first big company to bite. A big TV deal is in place with Fox Sports to broadcast the all-electric rally series.

The founder, Agog, is the same man who started Formula E, so he has experience starting a brand-new racing series. We have eyes on one car, the Odyssey 21. It looks mean and ready for some crazy environments, so we’re excited to see how this series shapes up over the next couple years leading to its launch. Check out the video below to get an idea of the area where the Amazon rally will be held.

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