BMW X7, X6, X5 M and X6 M gain a bevy of M Performance parts

Even the largest BMW SUV gets the M treatment

BMW M Performance parts
BMW M Performance parts
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BMW releases a swarm of M Performance parts and accessories with each new model it presents these days, and the latest SUVs are no different. Today we get a look at all the parts you can add to the X6, X7, X6 M and X5 M.

To start, you can add the red-caliper high-performance brakes from the X6 M to the X6. Additionally, more performance wheel and tire options are available for the X6 and X7. You can snag 22-inch wheels with summer tires on both the X6 and X7, both with extravagant and flashy wheel designs. 

Then there’s the carbon fiber. BMW is offering handmade carbon fiber grilles, side sills and rear diffusers for the X5 M and X6 M. There are a few glossy black plastic parts, including a new rear spoiler and rear fins, just to give your performance SUV that extra edge it was missing. BMW says they’re all functional and positively affect stability at speed. High-gloss black wrappings are also available for even more customization efforts. These strips of matte black and gray are available to add some drama to your X6 or X7. Carbon fiber mirror caps are also available for the X7, you know, to eliminate weight from the gigantic three-row SUV.

The interior can be littered with M parts, as well. Of greatest interest would be the M Performance steering wheel, finished in Alcantara and leather. Stainless steel pedals and carbon fiber paddle shifters are also available for the X6 and X7. If fancy light is your thing, you can make your X6 or X7 project the BMW M logo (or other M motifs) onto the ground at night.

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