Chevy to show C8 Convertible (again) Oct. 2

Have we seen it? Yes. Has it officially 'debuted'? No.

C8 Convertible
C8 Convertible / Image Credit: GM
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Sometimes you do get a second chance to make a first impression. Or at least, Chevrolet thinks so, because it just announced that the C8 Corvette convertible will debut Oct. 2 ... despite the fact the car was already shown in pictures when the C8 debuted in July. The photos above aren't renderings or leaked images. Chevrolet actually showed those during the coupe's reveal. 

Now, the optimum word in the announcement is "debut." Have we seen the C8 convertible? Yes we have. Ah, but was any member of the media present to see it? Any notable Corvette enthusiasts? Were there hors d'oevres and platters of champagne and Bud Lite bandied about? No, nope and nada.

As such, it seems safe to assume that's what we're going to be getting Oct. 2: the "first-ever debut of the first-ever mid-engined Corvette convertible #something." No doubt, there will be some token info about roof operation time, a (presumably) modest weight increase and whatever minor details might fill a presentation devoted to a convertible version of a previously released coupe. It's a very good bet the info will be as groundbreaking as that for the 911 Cabriolet.

But who knows! Maybe it'll totally be worth the 7-second Twitter promo.

Now, despite the Titanic-sized snark above, the convertible looks pretty damn good, and based on these spy photos, its roof operation should be pretty interesting to check out over hors d'oevres. 

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