Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ limited to 30 units worldwide

The 30 units 'will be gone in the blink of an eye.'

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Bugatti announced plans to end its record-chasing career on a high note by turning the 304-mph, long-tail Chiron into a limited-edition model. Named Chiron Super Sports 300+, it's an evolution of the standard car that promises to let buyers who find a long enough stretch of tarmac channel their inner Andy Wallace.

The 300+ is all but identical to the Chiron that Wallace bravely piloted to 304 mph on Volkswagen's Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany in August 2019. Keeping it planted on its four wheels as it approaches speeds airplanes normally take off at required redesigning its aerodynamic profile. The 9.8 inches of carbon fiber added to the rear end immediately reveal it's not a standard Chiron, but the 300+ also receives tweaks to its front end (including vents chiseled above the wheels), and a reshaped rear diffuser for added downforce. The rear wing is notably fixed to reduce drag.

While Wallace hit 304-mph in a stripped-out cabin loaded to the gills with electronic equipment, the version buyers will be able to add to their collection will come with a variant of the Chiron's interior made with model-specific materials. As always, customization will be the name of the game. Collectors will have the chance to work directly with Bugatti to create a one-of-a-kind car.

The 300+ uses a 1,600-horsepower evolution of the Chiron's 1,500-horsepower, quad-turbocharged W16. This mammoth of an engine channels its power to all four wheels via a seven-speed, dual-clutch all-wheel drive system. The sprint from zero to 60 mph takes under 2.4 seconds, while its true official top speed hasn't been explored yet. Its Michelin tires were bench-tested at up to 317 mph.

Bugatti will make 30 examples of the Chiron Super Sports 300+, and pricing starts at $3.5 million before taxes and options elbow their way into the equation. All things considered, that's a surprisingly reasonable sum; the standard Chiron carries a $3 million price tag. Bugatti began taking orders for the model after displaying Wallace's record-breaking car during a reveal event attended by clients all over the world, and several units were spoken for before dessert arrived. "They will be gone in the blink of an eye," company boss Stephan Winkelmann told Autoblog.

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