This custom LEGO machine can actually roll hay bales

It took 4 weeks to assemble

Transcript: Custom LEGO machines. ‘The Brick Wall’ is a YouTube channel that creates mechanical vehicles using LEGO Technic pieces. The channel is run by Michael and Louri and they are constantly creating awesome machines like LEGO Rumba, Zamboni, LEGO submarine, breakfast machine, skates motor assistant, and many more. Their newest piece is Hay Baler 2. A conveyer belt transfers dried grass into a compactor. The compactor then presses the grass together and wraps it. Hay Baler 2 then uses another conveyer belt to dispense the hay for pick up. It took 4 weeks to assemble the 3,500 LEGO Technic pieces used to construct Hay Baler 2. Their next project will be a hay pickup LEGO machine or another custom made creation. Head over to ‘The Brick Wall’ YouTube page to learn more.


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