Junkyard Gem: 1995 Audi S6

All-wheel-drive, turbocharged, and a manual transmission.

00 - 1995 Audi S6 in Colorado wrecking yard - photo by Murilee Martin
00 - 1995 Audi S6 in Colorado wrecking yard - photo by Murilee Martin
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As another entry in the "very rare but not very valuable" category, we have today's Junkyard Gem: a genuine, numbers-matching 1995 Audi Ur-S6! With a nervous turbocharged straight-five engine, Quattro all-wheel-drive system, and five-speed manual transmission (European first-gen S6 buyers could get a six-speed manual), this car was one of the more interesting factory hot rods of the middle 1990s. I found this one in a big self-service wrecking yard in Colorado, pretty close to Pikes Peak.

Someone pried off the original S6 decklid badge, but you can see its shadow.

Because high-performance German machinery requires a certain level of commitment from owners in the maintenance department, I don't have much trouble find S4s and even S8s at the big self-serve wrecking yards, but this is the first S6 I've found. Once an S reaches its fourth or fifth owner, a certain reluctance to spend $1,800 on seemingly minor repairs takes hold, and the tow truck from U-Wrench-It arrives soon after that.

This five-banger made 227 horsepower, which was pretty good for just 2.2 liters in 1995.

There was a time, maybe 15 years ago, when every turbocharger in the junkyard would be grabbed by some ambitious project-builder with a garage full of parts. These days, though, everyone who wants a bunch of turbos already has a dozen stashed.

I'll bet most American Ur-S6 buyers got the automatic, but this car's original purchaser made the correct transmission decision.

I think these are factory-installed Recaro seats, so we can expect some A6 owner to grab them shortly.

The original warranty documentation was still in the glovebox. And soon this rare car will face the crusher, just like any ordinary Suzuki Grand Vitara.

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