Flaming pickup in video rolls down highway outside Detroit

Somewhere in there was a driver who is reported to be unhurt

A pedestrian captured an eerie scene on video outside of Detroit this week when a truck overcome by flames crawled down a major highway. The driver of the Ford F-150 was not seen in the video but was reported unharmed by the Detroit Free Press.

The incident, recorded by Ryan Speer, happened between 10 Mile and 11 Mile roads on Interstate 94 in Macomb County, Michigan, north of Detroit. The caption on the video reads, "But it was originally stopped on the side of the freeway and then went up in flames and coasted into the middle of 94 by the Frazho bridge."

The video lasts only 24 seconds, and the truck is already on fire when the first frame begins. The truck rolls down the road with the passenger-side door open. With cars flying by on the other side of the highway, the truck veers into the median, possibly spewing more fluid on the ground near the engine bay. Flames in the engine compartment and cabin of the truck continue to spread while the horn blares, then the video cuts out.

As of now, the cause of the fire is unknown. 

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