87-year-old still hand-cranks the 1927 Ford Model T he's owned for 70 years

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Reported by Canada's CBC, and picked up by MotorAuthority, this is a story of dedication, loyalty, and love. Nova Scotia resident Randall Pitman is 87 years old, and his 1927 Ford Model T is 92 . After buying the car as a teenager, Pitman and the T have developed a respectful relationship that's lasted 70 long years, and the mileage is going nowhere but up. Things just keep cranking forward, literally and figuratively.

This connection between car and human was no chance meeting. At 17 years old, making 10 cents an hour pumping gas, Pitman saw that the Model T was headed for auction. So, he saved up $50 and took his earnings to the place of sale back in 1949. He could have taken the car for $45, but he irrationally outbid himself in the closing minutes of the auction and bought the car for $47.50. Today, that probably doesn't even cover the insurance bill.

Pitman has kept the car true to its original form. The front windshield tilts open for "air conditioning," there are no safety belts, and even at 87 years old, he still starts the car with a hand crank. It's no garage priss, either. This past month, Pitman transported his classic Ford 373 miles on a flatbed to share his passion with the public at a vintage truck show in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He's driven similar distances in the Model T, but the flatbed was taken as a precautionary measure.

When he's not enjoying his childhood treasure, he's working on a different Model T. According to CBC, he also owns a 1927 Model T coupe that he is in the process of restoring. Head to CBC for more photos and information on the car.

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