Don't blink: Red Bull Racing sets world record for fastest pitstop

Nixed the old record by 0.01 second

Red Bull Racing made Formula One history this past weekend, and it occurred when the car was at a standstill. At the Silverstone Circuit in England, Red Bull logged a pitstop in 1.91 seconds, the world's fastest pitstop of all time. 

Although Lewis Hamilton headlined the day by winning a record sixth British Grand Prix, there was a rare moment of team history during the race. When Pierre Gasly came in for a pitstop, he needed new tires at all four corners. The Red Bull pit crew made the swap in an astonishing 1.91 seconds, 0.01 second faster than the previous world record held by both Red Bull and Williams. 

When it comes to pitstops, Red Bull is dominating the field. In the race for the F1 DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award, Red Bull earned a total of 43 points at Silverstone, 25 for the 1.91 time and another 18 for servicing Max Verstappen's car in 1.96 seconds. That gives Red Bull a total of 266 points, 78 more than second-place Williams, for the year. 

Watch the video of the incredible achievement above.

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