Watch as F1 driver Sergio Pérez nearly hits two marshals on the track

He split the two officials by inches

Formula One races often come down to inches, whether it's inches between cars, inches from the rails, or inches from the finish line. But it's not very often an F1 driver comes within inches of hitting a person. Exactly that happened this past weekend, when Sergio Pérez split two marshals who were running off the track.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, which took place May 26, Racing Point driver Pérez came out of a pit stop, entered a corner, and was shocked to see two track marshals erratically running off the track. He hit the brakes as one skittered to the guard rail, while the other stopped in his tracks, forming a field goal for Pérez to drive through. Pérez reacted to the moment on Twitter: During the race, Pérez got on his radio and asked, "What was wrong with those marshals? I nearly killed them" before asking if they were okay. Here's an overhead angle of the near collision: As seen in this still, it was an extremely close call: Luckily, nobody was hit and disaster was avoided, but it was an eye-opening reminder the driver's seat isn't the only dangerous place on a racetrack. Pérez finished the race in 12th and now sits at 9th in the 2019 driver standings.

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