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How beer kegs helped create the modern pit stop

They were full of something more potent than beer though.

Formula E car swap takes a lot of practice

Playing muscial cars in the middle of a race brings its own set of challenges.

Mahindra Racing shares the art of the Formula E car swap.

Recharge Wrap-up: Formula E car swap video, Lyft adds carpooling, new Tesla book

California Ports Test Electric Trucks; Global CNG, LPG Forecasts

Curious to see how the Formula E car swap goes down? During each hour-long race (or ePrix, as the series calls them), drivers have to make a pit stop to switch cars as the battery runs down. Of course, they want to do it as quickly as possible. It's kind of a tricky dance extricating oneself from the cockpit of one car and slipping into the seat of another facing the opposite direction. See the maneuver in the video John Beltz Snyder

Watch Infiniti Red Bull Racing set a world record pitstop time in Malaysia

How quickly can you change a tire? The pit crew for Infiniti Red Bull Racing can do it in 2.05 seconds. Actually, they can change four tires in 2.05 seconds, and they did just that at the Grand Prix of Malaysia two weeks ago, setting a new world record for the quickest pitstop in the process.

NASCAR POV pit stop video, with one very hot brake rotor

Anyone who has watched a NASCAR pit crew work during a race is bound to have come away from the experience at least a little bit impressed. The skill and timing of the crew isn't in the limelight like that of the drivers, but is almost as impressive in short bursts.

Ferrari opens its first Pit Stop store in a volcano

Grand Opening of the Ferrari Pit Store store at Vulcano Buono – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ferrari pit stops help doctors in the O.R.

Tired of defending auto racing with the same old tales of ground-breaking innovations such as the disk brake and the rear view mirror? Looking for something fresher to defend your sport against the inevitable criticisms of friends and family who don't share your passion? Well, how about this...