Gender reveal burnout ignites excitement, then a car fire

Nobody was injured

Filmed gender reveals have flooded the internet in recent years, and people have imagined all sorts of ways to spice up the event. While some pop balloons or cut a cake to unveil whether the yet-to-be-born child will be a boy or girl, others have used a gearhead-friendly method: burnouts using tires that emit colored smoke. What was supposed to be a moment of happiness quickly turned into a disaster when a gender reveal burnout caught fire.

The accident, which was captured from above with a drone camera, occurred on April 18, 2018 in Australia. In the video, a massively powerful Holden Special Vehicles Senator spins its rubber, and blue smoke starts to billow. The overzealous driver continues the burnout down the road and does not let off the gas for more than 20 seconds. That ends up his mistake, as the smoke turns into flames. Luckily, nothing else burned, and nobody else was injured. 

The Queensland Police service released the video in order to raise awareness about the troublesome burnouts. According to CNN the driver has been convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

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