2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is much cheaper as a Lego kit

It goes on sale in August

2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lego kit
2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lego kit
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While many cars – from the Caterham 620R to the Volkswagen Beetle – have been turned into Lego kits, motorcycles haven't received as much love from the construction toy company. That's being addressed with this new kit based on the 2019 Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Boy motorcycle. And it's way cheaper than the real thing.

The model has many lovely details, like the solid disc wheels, and the fins on the air-cooled V-twin engine, and even the round air filter on the side. But it's the little things that really elevate this model. It has moving brake and clutch levers, as well as a moving shifter pedal. The V-twin engine has actual moving pistons, and the engine is hooked up to the rear wheel via a chain (no, not a belt, but it's still neat). So when you push the motorcycle around, the pistons are moving.

Once assembled, the model is 7 inches tall and wide, and 12 inches long, so it's easier to store than a real Fat Boy. And as mentioned, it's far more affordable than the real thing. The Lego kit costs $99.99, whereas a new Fat Boy starts at just under $20,000, or 200 times the cost of the Lego kit. If you're feeling like adding the Fat Boy to your collection, it goes on sale for everyone on August 1, and if you're a member of the Lego VIP program, you can order it early on July 17.

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