New Orleans artist Curren$y shows off a toy car collection to envy

He started collecting when he was young, and now can fill an entire room

New Orleans hip-hop artist Curren$y does not do things in small quantities. He continually releases an endless stream of music, he has enough shoes to lace up a small town, his unique car collection spans decades and represents a variety of niches, and his toy car collection is big enough to fill a room. Literally. He gave fans a glimpse of his toy collection, and the display is enough to make any gearhead jealous. 

Curren$y, who owns a car care shop, recently dropped a project called Gran Turismo, and hosts his own cruise nights, is a car guy to his core. Although he likes exotic supercars, he's more of a Chevy guy, particularly when it comes to muscle cars and lowriders. His miniature car collection isn't as focused, as he seemingly has something for everybody amongst the rows of toys.

Curren$y isn't the type to leave everything in the boxes, either (well, maybe with the shoes). He gets his toys out and actually plays with them. His Instagram shows images of him setting up various scenes with the cars and even staging burnouts. When they're not in use, however, they're stored in a massive room lined with shelves specifically built for the cars. 

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Just a fraction..... I like cars A lot.... I like a lot of cars....

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The small glimpse of the collection, which is color-coordinated in parts, shows a wide variety of vehicles. There are Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benzes, AMGs, Chevrolets, Dodge, Porsches, BMWs, etc. They come in various shapes and sizes, and there are even extras like safety cars and transporter trucks in there, as well. 

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Gotta create your fun..... make it happen. Boredom is a choice

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The toy collecting started early for Curren$y. If he behaved well at the grocery store and didn't wander off, his mom would buy him one Hot Wheel. Now he could open his own store. Check out the impressive assortment and check out Curren$y's instagram for more car photos.

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