Teslas now have a kart racing game you can play with your steering wheel

Or you can play the game on your phone

Update: We've received confirmation from Tesla that the game is only playable in park. Also the pedals can be used along with the steering wheel. Also the game controls have been made to use minimal steering wheel input to keep from putting too much strain on the tires, and there are options to just use the touchscreen as a controller. The text has been updated to reflect this.

Tesla has expanded its selection of games included in its infotainment system with perhaps the most logical one for a car: a racing game. The game in question is Beach Buggy Racing 2, and it's an arcade-style kart racer in the same vein as Mario Kart. The game is also available for mobile devices and is found on Apple, Google and Amazon app stores. But what makes playing it on a Tesla more intriguing is that you actually get to use a steering wheel.

Yes, Tesla made it clear that you can play this racing game using the steering wheel of your Tesla. Even the pedals can be used. And the screen shots show that you can use a Tesla in the game. So you can drive your Tesla with a Tesla. We think Xzibit would approve.

A Tesla representative has confirmed that you can only play the game when the car is in "Park" just as with the Atari games previously released. Also, since the steering wheel is always connected to the front wheels, using the steering wheel for the game will turn the front tires. The company calibrated the game controls so that you don't have to use much steering lock so as to help reduce wear on the tires. But you might still want to go easy on your steering wheel play and consider using the touchscreen controls from time to time.

For Tesla owners, the game will be available in the infotainment system Tuesday. For everyone else, the game is downloadable to your phone or device of choice. It's a free-to-play game, so it won't cost anything to download, but be mindful that it does have in-game items that can be purchased with actual money.

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