Michael Schumacher’s championship 2002 Ferrari F2002 set for auction

Part of the proceeds will go to charity

RM Sotheby's November auction in Abu Dhabi might still be months away, but Formula 1 just gave racing fans a huge reason to get excited for the event now. F1 and Sotheby's announced 10 early entries for the auction, and the most special of the bunch is the 2002 Ferrari F2002, Michael Schumacher's championship-winning race car.

Schumacher dominated the field throughout the 2002 F1 season by finishing first or second in every race. That season, he won in Australia, Brazil, San Marino, Spain, Austria, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and Japan. Schumacher didn't use this exact car, chassis No. 219, for every race, but it is the vehicle he was driving when he won at the French Grand Prix, where he secured his fifth drivers' championship title (his teammate Rubens Barrichello took second but had about half as many points as Schumacher). Ferrari, having won all but two races that season, also took the constructors' championship that year.

After its time in competitive racing, 219 was used as a test car for the remainder of the 2002 season before eventually retiring the next season. Since then, it has been owned by various private collectors.

The F2002 was an absolute force of a machine. It used a 299.66-cc 90-degree V10 that made 823 horsepower at 17,800 rpm that paired with a fused titanium seven-speed gearbox. The car's structure was a honeycomb and carbon-fiber composite monocoque. Steering was mechanical power-assisted rack-and-pinion. It also had carbon-ceramic composite brakes and a suspension setup with independent push-rods, twin wishbones, torsion bar springs and telescopic shock absorbers.

So how valuable is a car with this much history? Well, a 2013 Gooding & Company auction at Pebble Beach offered F2002 chassis No. 220, and it sold for $2,255,000. We expect this car to easily surpass that number. However much it sells for, RM Sotheby's says "a percentage of proceeds" will go to the Keep Fighting Foundation, which is inspired by Schumacher.

Mark the date on your calendar: November 30, 2019.

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