Museo Ferrari launches 'Michael 50' exhibit honoring Schumacher

Opened the day of his 50th birthday

Michael Schumacher Ferrari Museum Exhibit
Michael Schumacher Ferrari Museum Exhibit / Image Credit: Ferrari
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Michael Schumacher turned 50 years old on Thursday, January 3, 2019. To celebrate the racing legend and to show appreciation for all he has done for the brand, Museo Ferrari opened an exhibition that explores his impact and accomplishments throughout his personal life and racing career.

Named " Michael 50," the exhibit is now open in Maranello. This is the third showcase to open in recent months, following the announcement of "Driven by Enzo" and "Passion and Legend," which opened in September 2018 to honor the 120th anniversary of the founder of Ferrari.

The Prancing Horse company calls Schumacher "The Most Successful Ferrarista in History," and the exhibition focuses on his many victories. The driver raced his way to seven world titles, 91 first-place finishes, and 155 podiums. Ferrari is displaying many of the cars Schumacher raced in, including the 1996 F310, the 1999 F399, the F1-2000, F2002, F2004, and the 2006 248 F1.

In addition to race cars, the display also highlights some of the road cars that Schumacher worked on as a developer after he left Formula One. Using his knowledge and experience, he helped shape the dynamics of the 2007 430 Scuderia and the 2008 California.

"Michael 50" was created with the help of the Keep Fighting Foundation, which recently launched an app that has a virtual museum and celebrates Michael and his legacy. According to a recent report, Schumacher is currently "in the very best of hands" and continues to battle back from his injuries. Ferrari did not give a specific time period for the exhibition, but mentioned it will be open for a "few months." Fans can buy tickets here.

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