Very important cat obstructs Trump limo in London

Larry is Chief Mouser at Number 10 Downing Street, and we love him

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If you have cats, or have neighbors with cats, you've probably experienced the joy of finding itty bitty pawprints on the roof of your car. You may have also endured the frustration of trying to retrieve a stubborn kitty that has decided to find privacy for a nap underneath your vehicle. Clearly, cats determine their own schedules, and often those of the humans around them. U.S. President Donald Trump — as valuable as his time may be — is not immune to feline whims, as he learned when he met with outgoing U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May in London on Tuesday. Larry, resident of 10 Downing Street and Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office (that's an official title) may have held up Trump's motorcade when he decided to take a break under the president's limo.

According to NBC News Chief Global Correspondent Bill Neely, Larry then refused to move from his spot under The Beast (which Neely described as a "huge security issue"). While some believe Larry to be taking part in the protest against Trump's visit, it's more likely this was just a case of a cat being a cat, and not giving a rat's you-know-what about, well, anything at all. It's unclear if Larry's behavior did, in fact, affect Trump's schedule.

Larry could also be seen in photos as Donald and Melania Trump posed with Theresa and Philip May in front of the residence. Larry basked and bathed on the windowsill, stealing the spotlight from the mere humans nearby.

According to his profile on the U.K. government website, Larry has lived at Number 10 since February of 2011, and he is quite beloved, receiving daily treats and gifts in exchange for his service. In addition to pest control duties, Larry greets guests and tests furnishings "for napping quality." After today, he can add inspection of diplomatic vehicles to his résumé, too.

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