This ATV tackles any terrain on land or sea

It seats 6 people on the road and 4 people in the water

Transcript: Off-roading amphibious beast. This ATV is a multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle for the outdoor enthusiast. Tinger Armor combines 5 vehicles into a single ATV. It's a snowmobile, tractor, quad bike, swamp buggy, and watercraft. The Tinger Armor has a max speed of 22 mph and a carrying capacity of 1,100 lbs. The max towing capacity is 1,543 lbs. It uses a 57 horsepower 3-cylinder engine. Track treads can be placed over the tires for improved off-roading. The front-mounted electric winch can help the Armor tackle uphill operations. The Armor seats 6 in its road configuration and 4 passengers when on the water. The Tinger Armor W8 starts at $27,372.

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