Coming Ferrari hybrid loaded with twin-turbo V8, three e-motors, 986 hp

With AWD and 50 hp more than the LaFerrari, 0-60 is a claimed 2 seconds

One week from now, Ferrari and its best clients will gather in Maranello for a three-day event to introduce a mid-engined hybrid supercar slotting in above the 812 Superfast. A report in Auto, Motor und Sport purports to fill in some of the engine details and power output we've been wondering about. The German magazine says there'll be a twin-turbo V8 amidships, the same 3.9-liter unit from the F8 Tributo, aided by three electric motors. Total output will be 1,000 PS (metric horsepower) — or 986 U.S. horsepower, 197 more horses than found in the 812.

One of the electric motors will sit inside the gearbox, the other two will reside at the front axles, powering the front wheels. That means we can expect all-wheel drive and finessed torque vectoring up front. With 36 more horsepower than the system output on the LaFerrari, and AWD, it's claimed that the electrified scarlet star will get from zero to 62 miles per hour in 2 seconds.

The FerrariChat forum, which has a 77-page thread on this car, settled on these same specs well before the AMS report. Wrote one poster, "I'm in Geneva and my dealer told me the BB will have 1000hp, V8 with KERS." Another chimed in, "Ferr9000 on a Spanish forum ... said the BB front axle will be electrified, so we can assume there will be two electrics motors on front axle." In FerrariChat parlance, the "BB" stands for "Big Brother" to the 812. Another forum member said he expects the coupe to have a respectable all-electric range, which accords with video of a hybrid 488 mule driving silently at Fiorano.

The big question seems to be whether this will be a regular production model or a limited edition, with consensus settling on a proper series production car. AMS puts the price at 600,000 euros, or about $670,000. Yet another FC forum member says there'll be a public debut at Le Mans, the French race taking place June 15-16. Could that provide a clue to the name?

And remember, there's plenty more to come from Ferrari this year, with a V6 hybrid sports car slated for debut, and two further cars. One of those additional vehicles is expected to be an 812 Spider.

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