Porsche gives us more glorious photos of its 917 Concept car

Plus, rumblings of a 918 successor

Porsche 917 Concept
  • Porsche 917 Concept
  • The concept takes inspiration from Porsche's past.
  • Image Credit: Porsche
  • Porsche 917 Concept
  • Porsche 917 Concept
  • Porsche 917 Concept
  • Porsche 917 Concept
  • Porsche 917 Concept
Remember that beautiful Porsche 917 Concept from a couple months ago? Well, we still do, and there are finally more photos of it to share. When Porsche revealed the concept, there was but one image available. Now we get to gaze at it from a few new angles, and it hasn't lost any of the original charm.

Strangely enough, this design study dates back to 2014, but it was never shown to the public then. It's not exactly normal for a car company to wait this long to show a concept, but we sure are glad Porsche is finally doing it. Go ahead and take in the gorgeous photographs, but there's arguably something even more exciting at stake here: Porsche's next hypercar.

A recent report from Autocar contains a few quotes from Porsche design boss Michael Mauer that gets our imagination running.

"If you launch a new hypercar ,then you can go extremely modern in your thinking or maybe just go back to our sports car roots and take inspiration from some of the many icons in our history. When you look at the 917 Concept then, personally, I love it. You look at it, and you immediately make the connections," Mauer said.

He continues, "But as a designer who believes that the next hypercar should point to the future, I'm not so sure. There is always the option to look into history, but sometimes you can also take the option to create some history."

The takeaway here is that Porsche is still unsure of what direction it wants to take with its 918 successor. And there certainly will be a successor, according to Porsche CEO Oliver Blume. He says Porsche is working on it now, but still doesn't have a decision on what type of powertrain to use. A fully-electric or hybrid car appear to be the possibilities laid out on the table now. One thing's for sure, we certainly don't have any qualms with this concept as a jumping-off point for design inspiration.

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