Elon Musk announces Tesla will build a quiet electric leaf blower

Yeah, for real

Working for Elon Musk must be a wild experience. Yesterday evening, Musk sent a tweet saying that Tesla would be building an electric leaf blower. A follow up tweet suggests the leaf blower could use a repurposed version of the Tesla Model 3's HVAC system. While this isn't as wild or seemingly as random as The Boring Company flamethrower that was announced early last year, it leaves us (pun intended) with the same basic question: Why?
Why Musk thinks Tesla needs to jump into the yard appliance business is beyond us. Outside of the Tesla branding and design, the big selling point would presumably be how quiet Musk's ideal product would be. Maybe the landscaping company that services one of Musk's offices annoys him with loud yard equipment. Maybe they use Honda products.

Either way, a quiet leaf blower does have its appeal. Chalk this up to another thing on the long list of things that annoy Elon Musk, along with traffic and the color yellow. We'll wait to see if this will be a limited-run product like the flamethrower or hats that were sold to raise capital for The Boring Company.

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