Watch Jeep J6, Gladiator Gravity and JT Scrambler concepts take to the Moab rocks

First videos emerge of this year's Easter Jeep Safari concepts in action

Footage from the Easter Jeep Safari has hit YouTube, and that means Jeep people talking about what went into making the custom fleet. TFL Truck spent time with all of the wares, but we'll highlight their vids on the J6, JT Scrambler and Gravity concepts. Our favorite takeaway from the trio of videos is Mopar design manager Nicho Vardis commenting on what has a chance to make production, saying, "We just want to gauge some input from everybody to see what the interests are." That is, if you make enough noise, anything is possible.

The Jeep J6 is the only one of this year's concepts not based on a Gladiator. It channels the J Series line of Jeeps made from 1962 to 1988, specifically the 1978 Honcho. Cut and shut on a Wrangler Unlimited chassis, Jeep used three five-foot Gladiator beds to make the six-foot bed on the J6. Even with the larger cargo area, the J6 is about 19 inches down in wheelbase and overall length compared to a Gladiator. Items like the brush guard and rock rails are conceptual, but the 17-inch beadlock wheels are in consideration for production. On top of being four pounds lighter than standard Gladiator wheels, the hex bolts are flush with the face ring.

The JT Scrambler could be the second most popular pickup at the Safari. Inspired by the 1981-86 CJ8, everybody wants the Punk'N Metallic Orange and Nacho Yellow stripes with the "Corange"-colored wheels. The sport bar would also make a great addition to the Jeep Performance Parts catalog, with the diffused five-inch task lights to keep from blinding anyone working bedside.

The Gravity is your rolling catalog with $8,000 in JPP parts. It was created after one of the designers watched the movie " Free Solo," documenting Alex Honnold's free climb up Yosemite National Park's 3,000-foot El Capitan Wall. The two-inch tube doors and mesh bikini top emphasize freedom, the loaded bed rack helps make the most of that freedom. The plastic ice cubes in the bed storage unit, well, they're just cool.

And if all that's not enough, TopSpeed put together running footage of all three concepts in one video.

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