Watch this incredible Formula Drift drone footage in 4K

Johnny FPV has a bright future ahead in motorsports video production

It takes a great deal of skill, concentration and mental toughness to quickly drive a car around a race track. And even among professional drivers, there are always a few special souls who rise to the top of their field. After watching the above footage of a drone following driver Matt Field's Chevy Corvette during the Formula Drift event in Long Beach, we think the same thing must apply to drone pilots.

Johnny Schaer, better known as Johnny FPV, filmed the scene using a custom-built racing drone with a GoPro Hero7 Black attached and recording in 4K. The resulting views are nothing short of spectacular, with smoke-filled close-up shots of Field's Corvette in motion as it sways back and forth across the track that would be impossible to capture any other way. Seriously, watch the video and remember that this is real-life footage, not something generated by a computer.

We've seen Johnny's skills put to good use in the past. There's plenty of sweet first-person footage on his YouTube channel, a lot of it focusing on automotive pursuits. But there are also videos featuring all manner of action sports and wildlife. It's breathtaking stuff, and it leaves us with the feeling that this kind of footage could breathe new life into the motorsports realm.

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